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Title Minutes Publisher Category
Bowhunting Deer, Elk, Bear and Mountain Lion -- Rifle Hunting Deer and Elk N/A Copy Hunting
Combat Shotgun Seminar For Self-Defense and Combat Competition (John Shaw) 45 Lenny Magill Productions Self-Defense
Deadly Effects: Wound Ballistics -- What Bullets Do To Bodies 80 Anite Productions Self-Defense
Deadly Weapons: Firearms and Firepower 100 Anite Productions Self-Defense
Duck and Goose Hunting 60 Sportsman's Video Collection Hunting
Duck Identification 60 Sportsman's Video Collection Hunting
Elk Hunting in the Rocky Mountain West 54 Wolff and Holmes Hunting
Field Dressing and Trophy Care for the Wilderness Hunter 102 Sportsmen on Film Hunting
Fundamentals of Gun Safety: The Basic Rules of Safe Firearm Ownership 10 National Rifle Association Safety
Hunter's Guide to Field Dressing, Skinning and Butchering Your Deer 80 VIP Promotions Hunting
Hunting Big Muleys 38 Sportsmen on Film Hunting
Mental Conditioning N/A Copy Practice/Training
North American Big Game 30 Warburton Productions, Inc. Hunting
Pachmayr's Skeetshooting with Ken Robertson 51 Sportsmen on Film Practice/Training
Pistol Shooting Fundamentals 15 National Rifle Association Practice/Training
Rifle Shooting Fundamentals 39 National Rifle Association Practice/Training
Shoot Better Trap 87 BEC Productions Practice/Training
Shotgun Shooting Fundamentals 15 National Rifle Association Practice/Training
Tactical Handgun Techniques 43 PEM Associates Self-Defense
The Truth about Semi-Autos 13 National Rifle Association Practice/Training