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Normal Rifle Shooting Activities

When: Second Saturday (every other month)

For a more detailed schedule, check the JPL club calendar of events and join the mailing list by contacting the club secretary. More information is generally available at monthly club meetings.

Where: Angeles Shooting Ranges (held on the Fort Angeles Range)


Every other month there is a club sponsored rifle shoot. Bring any of your long guns to shoot with friends from the club. This event is a good time to sight in a new rifle (or one that you haven't shot in a long time), to practice punching out the center of the target at what ever range you choose, or to just make the 100 yard gong sing with every shot.

Typically a CMP match (service rifle) will be held as a part of the club rifle shoot and is open to all members and prospective members. Participation in the match is strictly an optional part of the club shoot, but many of us quite enjoy the friendly competition.

The start time for the club event is 9:00 AM when the range first goes hot but it is best to be at the range 30 minutes earlier to get signed in and prepared. The range fee is currently $10.00 for the day.

For the match we generally fire the NRA National Match Course in reversed order to allow new shooters to get sighted in in the prone position:

  • 20 rnds 20 minutes Prone Slow Fire
  • 10 rnds 60 seconds Prone Rapid
  • 10 rnds 70 seconds Sitting/Kneeing Rapid
  • 10 rnds 10 minutes Standing Slow Fire.

2 sighters for Standing, sitting and prone in all stages as needed.

A limited number of M1 Garands and M1 Carbines that can be reserved for use (in advance) for anyone who does not have their own rifle for the match.

Note that not all commercial ammunition is loaded correctly for the Garand. If you are using a club rifle, you must purchase ammunition from the club.

If shooting in the match, it is strongly advised that you wear a long sleeved shirt or a sweatshirt (even if the weather is warm) to protect your elbows in the prone position. Bringing water, a hat, sunscreen, a pair of binoculars (or a spotting scope), and comfortable shoes is also suggested.

Ear and eye protection are mandatory at the range. They are available for sale at the range shop if you don't have a set but can be found for much less money at your local hardware or sporting goods store.

The club has 2 spotting scopes to share if you don't have your own. Mats and other gear can often be borrowed from other club members especially if we are running the match with more than one relay.

Watch the JPL Gun Club mailing list for latest information. Or contact the rifle shoot coordinator, Nelson Green, for more information.